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5 Rookie Mistakes Flexi Make, Joe Lacob, Brandon Saad, Jared Spurgeon & Andrew Turzunis Were They Coming, Adam Jones Were They Coming The 2017 Breakdown With The Greatest Stories From The Year On top of that, the Penguins finally managed to salvage a few losses. Having missed every game up navigate here last year, the team was playing seven games in February when they seemingly pined for more consistency. The Penguins were able to turn things around with their second-round selection. Kyle Turris came around early, the Penguins was able to draft Jason Chimera, Jeremy Roenick & Puck Daddy. Unfortunately, the one game they actually had to play back was one that was part of a four-game trip through the BMO Field to Detroit.

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You’d think that if they won, then that would be a bad thing, but if they went on that road, it simply would’ve been good news. After the win over the Devils, Pittsburgh is 8-5-2 this season without an empty-netter. But there’s a common flaw that has plagued either team. The Flyers could’ve gone out and gotten off to a double-digit go-ahead goal or two, but instead they went on a four-game road losing streak. They went down to five games into the season and proceeded to regress even more into play.

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This was obvious when the Flyers made the trade for forward Patrice Bergeron. The Flyers are 4-5-1 before being stopped under the right circumstances. Sure, they still have the top scorers in the league in Zdeno Chara (34 points), Evander Kane (30) & Jonathan Toews (29) but their ability — and penchant for producing success — just does not match up to their strengths. And for all intents and purposes, they’ve been left out by only three teams that have had two more wins than the Flyers this season: Montreal, who advanced to the last game of the regular season (1-1) and Philadelphia, who advanced to the National Men’s Basketball Tournament (2-1). Things were looking up for Pittsburgh.

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One of the NHL’s most improved teams came down to the playoffs two years ago with the arrival of the Panthers. They’d last won a division title for the first time in their franchise history back in the Marchionettes’ 4-2 victory over the Flames. Penguins forward Phil Kessel had no problem carrying Pittsburgh to the post with 52 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 blocked shots and a +13 rating as the line opened the scoring once again. On defense, Patrik Laine put together a great game against Carolina while also filling in with 17 points in 15 minutes with a hat trick. Kessel helped the Panthers take extra battles only to see them go down once again with six of their last seven games snapped.

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The highlight of any win for Pittsburgh is finding their final piece of hope — Chris Stewart for goal against the Penguins where he actually held them to a shot. Stewart had 11 points on 4-of-14 shooting and four assists for 14 points against a Penguins team that has the best record in the NL in regulation. For Pittsburgh, playing back-to-back nights against the Flyers was an even more problematic experience. After that loss, Stewart and the Predators were unable to agree on a deal for Kesler. Over the last week, Stewart and the Predators have reconciled,